Car Shape Recognition SystemCar shape recognition when washing

Our original sensor filters out the water drops from the scanned data to increase accuracy.

3D Car Shape Recognition *PRECIS

535 beam sensor scan and ultrasonic scan capture the car shape in 3D which enables a higher quality of car wash.

535 Beam Sensor Scan *PRECIS
The precise car shape including accurate position of accessories can be detected by the 535 sensor lines. This enables more effective washing.

Ultrasonic Scan *PRECIS
The side profile of the car is scanned by an ultrasonic wave leading brushes and nozzles to the optimal position.
It can also detect off-center and slanted parking positions.

535×3 Beam Sensor Scan *ASTAGE

535 Beam Sensor Scan

535 sensor lines accurately detect the equipped position of accessories. Wide-angle lines made by three rows of photoelectric sensors enable highly precise car shape recognition that does not get affected by water splash and steam.

335 Beam Sensor Scan *G-FIVE

335 Beam Sensor Scan

335 sensor lines make it possible to recognize complicated car shapes and different heights accurately.

46 Beam Sensor Scan *Saphir

335 Beam Sensor Scan

46 sensor lines recognize the shape of the car.
For parts that cannot be detected, press accessory buttons to avoid washing specific parts of the car.