OptionHigh-pressure Jet Spray, Foam,
Tiara Coat
Business typeAuction center

Good alternative for manual wash

Fast service with shiny and clean results

We run an auction business for secondhand cars, and wash nearly 10,000 cars per month. This took up too much time and labor cost since we did it all by hand. We were looking for a good alternative.

Shortened washing time to around 1/10

Cost-effective and profitable machine

To wash about 10,000 cars per month, we bought 2 machines that are drive-through model. What’s good about the drive-through model is that it washes more cars compared to non-drive-through models. It usually takes about 20 - 30 minutes per car if we wash by hand. However, by introducing car wash machine, it only takes minimum 2 minutes. Currently, our machines each wash around 200 cars per day. This led to reducing number of staffs for car wash to half.

Safe and soft wash

We like the MK SEIKO car wash machine for the quality of wash, ease of usability, and overall machine quality.




【Drive-through type】
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