Superiority of Car Shape Sensor

One of the superiority our car wash machine has is the system to recognize the car shape. A number of sensor lines precisely recognize the car shape, and that car shape is used to control the car wash in detail. It makes a difference in washing quality and safety.

How does car shape sensor change the car wash?

Car wash machine with few or no car shape sensor lines controls the brush position with current value. Machine moves slowly as it checks the current value of the brush to see if the brush is touching the car body. Therefore, it is an inefficient wash as it takes a long time but the washing quality is insufficient.

On the other hand, if car wash machine can recognize the car shape, it can wash the car by keeping optimal distance from the car body. Moreover, car shape sensor can detect certain types of car accessories. The detected accessories will be automatically avoided or washed softly, controlling optimally depending on the parts of a car. We can provide high-quality car wash while we ensure the safety of car body.

  • Folded small-sized antenna is washed normally.

    Folded small-sized antenna is washed normally.

  • Medium-sized antenna is washed softly.

    Medium-sized antenna is washed softly.

  • Large-sized antenna and carrier are avoided.

    Large-sized antenna and carrier are avoided.

Also when drying, blower nozzle can move close to the car body. With an optional system, blower nozzle changes the angle according to the detected car shape to blow away water droplets more efficiently.

  • the blower nozzle system
  • the optional blower nozzle system can change the angle

What is the difference between car shape sensors?

Number of sensor lines vary depending on the model of car wash machine. Let us compare the difference referring to our car shape sensors.
This is a car shape captured by 46 sensor lines.

Captured images by 46 sensor linesCaptured images by 46 sensor lines

Now, this is car shape captured by 335 sensor lines.

Captured images by 335 sensor linesCaptured images by 335 sensor lines

Although they are both the same car, the preciseness of car shape recognized by the machine is different.
The more precisely a car shape is detected, the more car accessories are detected automatically. It will be better operability since there will be less buttons you need to press.

We also have models with 535×3 sensor lines and ultrasonic sensor in our product lineup.
Depending on the options and number of sensor lines, car wash such as below are available.

・Detects car shape and wash more precisely without the effect of steam or splash of Jet Spray.

  • Steam or splash of Jet Spray

・Previously, all models could not detect whether the accessory is at left or right of the car. Therefore, both side brushes had to take an avoidance movement. However, with many improvements and model changes, some of the models can now detect which side, and brush takes avoidance movement only on that side, which led to better washing quality.

  • avoidance movement of brush
  • avoidance movement of brush only the side needed

・With ultrasonic sensor, off-center or non-straight parking position can be detected. This allows safe wash as Side Brush and Side Nozzle keep the optimal distance from the car body.

  • brush movement for the non-straight parking position
  • adjustable side nozzle
  • adjustable side nozzle 2