BrushThorough and efficient washing with our original brush

Delicate and efficient washing with 5 sponge brushes. 3 types of brushes effectively wash areas which are usually left unwashed. Using the lobster cutting split tip, the brush provides excellent washing quality and durability.

Top Brush

The Top Brush washes the car by maintaining the optimal brush pressure and position to the car using highly accurate car shape data. The Top Brush changes its spinning direction so as not to damage the car.

SIDE Brush

The Side Brushes are controlled to maintain the optimal position to the car along the side of the car body, even for those parked off-center or on a slant. The brushes spin in reverse around the door mirrors so as not to damage when washing.

Rocker Brush

The Rocker Brushes enlarge the washing area by tilting the lower end of the brush towards the car body. These brushes wash intensively around the tires and bottom side of the car where dirt is likely to build up.