BLOWblows air effectively along the car shape

3 Nozzle Blow

The basic type of blow.
・The Top Nozzle maintains the optimal distance from the car at all times, using highly accurate car shape data.
・The Side Nozzles are long enough to completely cover both sides of the car. They provide excellent drying power

5 Nozzle Blow

In addition to the 3 Nozzle Blow, the tube-type nozzles blow air from diagonally above with the angle adjusted at three stages to cover the areas which are difficult to dry with only the Top and Side Nozzles.
Its strength is on display in areas such as around the bumper, grill, and window which are difficult to dry.
Water is powerfully removed by the five nozzles.


For the 5 Nozzle Blow model, the Moving Side Nozzle can be equipped as an option.
Utilizing Ultrasonic Scan data that precisely recognizes the distance to the car, the Side Nozzle can move close to the car for more efficiency.
Stable air dry quality can be provided to small cars and cars parked off-centered.
The angle is adjusted depending on the car shape to increase air dry power.