The wine dispenser "Vinoark" was unveiled at the Japan INT'L FOOD & BEVERAGE EXPO on June 22, 2022. Developed with an unprecedented and unique perspective, this product received the Good Design Award 2022 and The 52nd Food Industrial Technical Award. In both awards, Vinoark has been highly praised for its potential to support the global drink businesses by dispensing various beverages, including fine wines, to help easy distribution of samples.

Supervised by a Wine Professional

Yoko Obara provided the original idea of this method and supervised all the processes from the planning of the product to quality checks, including rigorous tasting assessment of the fractionalized wine in pouches.

Yoko Obara DipWSET
Proprietor of Vinicuest
WSET Diploma and Master of Wine (MW) Student

Yoko Obara is the only Japanese MW student who reached the highest stage (Practical Only) in the program of the world’s highest qualification of wine, MW (as of 2023). The only Asia-based –and non-native English speaking – recipient of the AXA Millesimes Scholarship for MW students in 2018. She has abundant knowledge and experience in the wine industry all over the world.

How to operate Vinoark


Vinoark is the only machine that can dispense wine into pouches!
*Vinoark can also dispense wine into small bottles.

Vinoark can easily fractionalize a set amount of wine without exposing it to the air.

  • Clean and Secure

    All the parts which contact with the wine are compliant with the Food Sanitation Act and can be disassembled and cleaned (heat resistant up to 100°C). This ensures that there is no impact on flavour or color of the wine. Vinoark uses the food-additive quality argon gas to reduce the risk of oxidation of the wine in pouches and small bottles after dispensing.

  • Precise and Automated Operation

    Filling volume can be set in 1g increments from 20g to 999g.
    Automatic dispensing system ensures precise fractionalization without volume variation.

  • Pouches and Small Bottles

    Vinoark can dispense wine into small bottles with a height from 100mm to 220mm and also into small pouches.
    The dispensing speed is 10g per second.

  • Useful for Various Beverages

    Vinoark can dispense any liquids which do not contain bubbles such as wine, sake and whiskey

How Vinoark Works

  • 01

    Set a small gas cylinder.

  • 02

    Connect the tube.

  • 03

    Set a source wine bottle

  • 04

    Set a pouch or small bottle

  • 05

    Set a dispensing amount and just press the start button.


Power Supply 100V(50Hz/60Hz)
Power Consumption 20W
Length of Cord 2.5m
Dispensing Amount 20g~999g(Possible to set in 1g increments)
Filling Speed 10g per Second
Inert Gases Argon gas and Nitrogen gas
Operating Gas Pressure Pressure inside the gas cylinder: 14.7 MPa (Atmospheric pressure of +0.02 MPa after decompression with a regulator)
Operating Gas Capacity 150L(0.15㎡)
Dispensing Source and Sampling Containers
Dispensing Source (Bottle)
Minimum Size: 250mm in height
Maximum Size: 400mm in height (approx. 1.8-L bottle)
Bottle Width: 105mm Maximum
Sampling Containers
Minimum Size: 100mm in height
Maximum Size: 220mm in height
Material Body: Steel plate (solvent coating), stainless steel, ABS, vinyl chloride, polyacetal and fluorine resin
Tube: Wine flow channel: Fluorine resin (fluoropolymer tube), silicone and polymethylpentene
Gas flow channel: Vinyl chloride, silicon, polypropylene and polymethylpentene
Packing Size Body: W400 x D420 x H750mm Net Weight: Approx 20.5kg
Accessories: W520 x D150 x H190mm Net Weight: Approx 3kg



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