Keys to Improving Work Efficiency

Butter and margarine needs measures to control temperature

  1. 1

    Warming measures for butter and margarine that has cooled and hardened

    You will be able to save hassle of bringing butter and margarine to room temperature by storing it at a constant temperature.

  2. 2

    Maintain product integrity and hygiene by storing raw ingredients directly in their original shipping boxes.

    Manage ingredients by storing them in a dedicated cabinet.

  3. 3

    Standardization measures for work that depends on personal skills

    Anyone can handle ingredients by standardizing the work that was previously reliant on intuition and experience of an individual.

  4. 4

    Constant temperature measures to eliminate temperature variations and to reduce waste loss

    Stabilize quality by storing ingredients at a constant temperature

1Improve work efficiency by reducing preparation time of ingredients

Refrigerated butter and margarine are hard, applying a burden to machines and making it difficult to mix with a mixer. Therefore, it is necessary to bring it back to room temperature.

Hot water and fermenters are often used to quickly bring butter and margarine back up to working temperature, however using these methods requires additional time consuming steps such as breaking butter into smaller portions. Using an MK Food Temperature Control Cabinet greatly reduces the overall time and effort required to return butter and margarine to working temperature by storing the ingredients in more appropriate conditions.


2Improve hygiene with the storage method

In order to warm refrigerated butter and margarine, some factories will temporarily move them to a warmer conference room or some other location on the factory line. Maintain the quality and integrity of your raw ingredients by storing them in an MK food temperature control cabinet directly in their original shipping boxes and have them immediately ready to use in production.


3Standardize temperature control of ingredients

This work is sometimes performed relying on the experience and intuition of those in charge of the work. Accordingly, there are variations in the quality such as in terms of the hardness and softness. The MK food temperature control cabinet makes it possible to maintain a constant temperature. Therefore, anyone can easily perform the preparation work.


4Stabilize the quality of the ingredients

If raw ingredients are not stored at a uniform temperature, they may become too soft and difficult to cut, or alternatively, if they are put into a filling machine while still hard, the amount of dough discharged may not be stable. Quality is stabilized and waste loss is reduced by maintaining a constant temperature throughout the year using MK food temperature control cabinet. Temperature can be set in 1°C increments to perfectly match your requirements.



  • 1

    Flap-style Front Plate Which Can Maintain an Open State

    You can easily operate and maintain the machine because it can maintain an open state.

  • 2

    Door with Cylinder Lock

    The door can be locked. Therefore, it protects the items stored inside the cabinet from theft.

  • 3

    Equipped with a Large Adjustable Shelf

    It is possible to adjust the height in multiple stages at 5 cm intervals to match the items stored (320 L: 3 shelves / 770 L and 1,200 L: 4 shelves / 1,730 L: 5 shelves).

  • 4

    Double-coated Refrigeration Unit

    It is resistant to corrosion, so you can use it for a long time with peace of mind.

  • 5

    Made of Stainless Steel on Both the Outside and Inside of the Body

    It is resistant to rust. Therefore, it can keep ingredients hygienically and it can be used for a long time with peace of mind.

It can be used for ingredients other than butter and margarine. There are also high humidity and low humidity courses.

You can easily switch courses just by pressing the course key.

Cooling (high humidity) course

Protects the freshness of fruits and vegetables

Cooling (low humidity) course

Ideal for keeping cold flour which reacts badly to humidity

Equipped with a set temperature change timer function. Automatically performs the process from cooling to warming.

It is possible to automatically change the set temperature on holidays and at night. That means work can be started immediately after returning from holidays or after a change in shifts.


320L Type


Butter and Margarine
10kg Block

6Case Storage

W820×D650×H1560 mm
Net weight: Approx. 94 kg



Butter and Margarine
10kg Block

16Case Storage

W926×D900×H1911 mm
Net Weight: Approx. 133 kg



Butter and Margarine
10kg Block

24Case Storage

W1327×D930×H1911 mm
Net Weight: Approx. 164 kg



Butter and Margarine
10kg Block

30Case Storage

W1407×D1060×H2111 mm
Net Weight: Approx. 199 kg


320L Type
770L Type
1200L Type
1730L Type
Internal Volume 318L 773L 1201L 1729L
Rated Voltage and Frequency Single Phase 100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power cord length Approx. 4m
Course Constant Temperature Course
Cooling (High Humidity) Course
Cooling (Low Humidity) Course
Set Temperature Range Constant temperature course: 2°C to 30°C (in 1°C increments)
Cooling (high humidity) course 2°C to 20°C (in 1°C increments)
Cooling (low humidity) course 2°C to 20°C (in 1°C increments)
Cooling Function Temperature inside the cabinet is 2°C when the ambient temperature is 35°C
Warming Function Temperature inside the cabinet is 30°C when the ambient temperature is 5°C
Additional Functions Set temperature change timer: When the constant temperature course is set
Time: 1 to 99 hours (in 1-hour increments)
Temperature: 2°C to 30°C (in 1°C increments)
Electric Warming Cabinet Rated Power Consumption 140W 177W 195W
Electric Cooling Cabinet Rated Power Consumption of the Motor 120W(50Hz)
Refrigerant R134a
Drainage Method Drainless
Cooling Unit Reciprocating compressor system (made in Thailand)
Recommended installation environment Indoors where it is not subjected to direct sunlight, ambient temperature of 5 to 35°C and an ambient relative temperature of 80% RH or less
Adjustable Shelves 3 4 5
Accessories 2 Keys


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