Keys to Solving Problems

  1. 1

    Compact and portable

    Compact, portable, and easy to use even when there are frequent production line changes. The unit can be moved smoothly by setting it on the optional stand.

  2. 2

    Can be easily handled by anyone

    It can save up to 20 types of product data on the touch panel screen. You will be able to start the work immediately by selecting the product. The target filling amount is automatically calculated and there is a help screen if you have any trouble with the operation. There is nothing to worry about in operating it.

  3. 3

    Possible to fill a wide variety of dough

    The performance of the pump is advanced. Therefore, it is possible to use it to fill ingredients from soft cream to hard paste.


  • Outstanding Sanitary Performance

    All the parts that come into contact with the ingredients can be removed and washed. They are also easy to assemble, so this machine can be used hygienically.

  • High Filling Accuracy

    We have adopted a six-blade rubber rotary type pump that provides stable filling through its strong suction force.

  • Abundant Optional Parts

    We have a lineup of optional parts which can support filling, coating, and injection.




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